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About us

Dear Visitor,
I am very happy to welcome you to Butterfly Treasures, which has, for a long time, been my dream to establish.

It is extremly important to me to offer goods of quality, beauty, originality and style, in tableware, gifts, ornaments, fashion accessories, jewellery and toys.  

I  plan to change the collection every three months so that you always have new goods to choose from. My  new collection can be found on the "Season's Collection" pages. 

The goods, art and crafts, which I am glad to offer, come from all over the world and represent small co-operatives, art workshops, individual craft workers and artisans  from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Kenya, Zambia, Mongolia, Philippines and  and others. These gooods are fairly traded.

I am very proud to sell Fair Trade products at Butterfly Treasures as they contribute to developing projects in poorer countries. Buying  Fair Trade goods means you can be sure that local producers receive a fair price for their product. 

Read more about the Fair Trade movement on the  ‘Fair Trade’ page.

You can buy our Butterfly Treasures products in two ways: on the site or by visiting one of the fairs we participate in.
Read more about it on the ‘Where to buy our goods’ page.

I intend to back everything up with the best of customer service by offering convenient payment methods and delivery.

Read about our services on the ‘Customer Service’ page.

Your opinions are important to me, therefore I am happy to communicate with my customers to find out their ideas about our products and services. I hope you will use the  ‘Your opinion on our Products and Services’ page to help me in this way. You are very welcome to leave your comments as well as to read other customers' opinions.

You can find the customer opinions in ‘Read customers' opinions'  page.

Happy Shopping!
Butterfly Treasures.

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